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Slender Man: Hide & Seek is a 3D horror game based on the fictional supernatural character "Slender Man". This game was made on the Unity Engine, players take control of a journalist that was kidnapped in to a unfamiliar and terrifying village. Players will need to collect all the objectives on the level while they survive and escape from Slender Man. If players collect all the collectibles they will be able to kill Slender Man and escape from this terrible nightmare.


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Hey! if you like slenderman games, check my own 
fan game, i'm hard working on and i'd like to
show it to all fans! 

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and wasn't very impressed. The mouse not locking was a huge issue for me. 

I honestly didn't realize we had a camera until I frEAKING DIED!! One of the best Slender games I've played, and would love more in the vein of this one. The only criticism I have is that there wasn't even a bit of Hide & Seek in the entirety of this game. I think it'd be interesting having to legitimately hide from this creepy entity as a child or a young kid, because you could bring so much out of that and flesh it into an entirely new take on the Slenderman;; I went into this game thinking we'd actually be playing a children's game. Awesome game nonetheless and definitely looking forward to future projects!

Amazing game! very well done with spectacular graphics, animation, and elements of horror. This truly is the most terrifying experience I've ever had in a game. Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks dude! I had some really good laughs watching your video, really glad that you enjoyed playing it! :D.


How could I not have a great time playing it?! Even a couple weeks/months after playing it I won't forget this game, it is absolutely  amazing! You've got some skills in Game Design, I'll tell you that. Really perfected a good horror experience without having it be too long in this game.

STILL surprised that one of the major times that I died I ended up doing a 360 without realizing it. That was pretty dumb of me. :


Really nice to see a good iteration of a Slendy game again! Love it! The atmosphere! The scares! Everything! It was hard but I managed to beat it! Can't wait to see what you will come up with during Halloween! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

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Thanks for playing it man! this is really awesome, I'm super glad that you actually beat it!

Heck yeah!! It was a great experience! Tell me whenever the Halloween update is live so that I can make another video of this! :D




There is more Spooky stuff coming before Halloween :D!